Monday, February 1, 2010

Sale Day at Community Thrift

First Monday!

Everything at Community Thrift is half off on the first Monday of the month, and that happens to be today. There are a couple of exceptions, in that if you want your furniture to be half off, you have to take it with you when you buy it. Normally you have up to 2 days to pick it up after purchasing it.

Half price day is usually a complete riot of people, well, the lines are usually about 8 or 10 people deep. Plus if you show up in the afternoon the "good stuff" is gone. But the thing about thrift shopping is that it's personal, so you still have a good chance of finding a special silver spoon or a dress that you can repurpose into an apron. I see it as a good day for finding materials.

Plus, check your receipt to see which charities your purchases supported. It's always interesting.

Community Thrift
623 Valencia (between 17th & 18th) Street
SF 94110

Thanks to Pete Boyd for the picture from Flickr

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